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Forthcoming GTU Exam Syllabus & Previous Year Papers

Date Time Code Name Branch Syllabus Prev. Papers
17-11-2018 10:30 AM 130001 Mathematics-3 AE  Syllabus  Papers
17-11-2018 10:30 AM 130002 Advanced Engineering Mathematics AE  Syllabus  Papers
17-11-2018 10:30 AM 133505 Chemistry for Environmental Science And Technology EST  Syllabus  Papers
17-11-2018 10:30 AM 133601 Introduction to Medician Chemistry And Biochemistry (Dept. Elec.-I) CT  Syllabus  Papers
17-11-2018 10:30 AM 133602 Polymer Chemistry for Chemical Technology (Dept. Elec.-I) CT  Syllabus  Papers
17-11-2018 10:30 AM 133603 Introduction to Glass And Ceramic Technology-1 (Dept. Elec.-I) CT  Syllabus  Papers
17-11-2018 10:30 AM 133604 Chemistry for Intermediate and Colorants-1 (Dept. Elec.-I) CT  Syllabus  Papers
17-11-2018 10:30 AM 2130002 Advanced Engineering Mathematics AE  Syllabus  Papers
17-11-2018 02:30 AM 140605 Advanced Strength Of Materials (Inst. Elec. -1) CI  Syllabus  Papers
17-11-2018 02:30 AM 2140101 Aircraft Structures I AE  Syllabus  Papers
17-11-2018 02:30 AM 2142806 Textile Manufacturing - II TE  Syllabus  Papers
19-11-2018 10:30 AM 170102 Theory of Heat Transfer AE  Syllabus  Papers
19-11-2018 10:30 AM 170302 Physiological System Modeling BM  Syllabus  Papers
19-11-2018 10:30 AM 170402 Agricultural And Food Biotechnology BT  Syllabus  Papers
19-11-2018 10:30 AM 170502 Process Equipment Design-II CH  Syllabus  Papers
19-11-2018 10:30 AM 170602 Irrigation Engineering CI  Syllabus  Papers
19-11-2018 10:30 AM 170702 Mobile Computing CE  Syllabus  Papers
19-11-2018 10:30 AM 170802 Industrial Automation E&E  Syllabus  Papers
19-11-2018 10:30 AM 170902 Electrical Machine Design-I EE  Syllabus  Papers
19-11-2018 10:30 AM 171002 Power Electronics EL  Syllabus  Papers