GTU - TA DA Detail (GTU Examiner Remuneration Detail)

Travelling Allowance Detail

   If travelled by car or by hired taxi Road mileage at the rates mentioned below as per actual to and fro kilometre of travelling. Copy of RTO registration book & Toll tax receipt is required to produce.

  • Rs. 8/- per km for Petrol Car
  • Rs. 7/- per km for Diesel Car
  • Rs. 4/- per km for CNG Car

   Physical verification of vehicle will be done by the University, if deemed necessary, before paying TA/DA (even for hired vehicle also).

   If travelled by scooter/motorcycle or by any vehicle other car, Road mileage @ Rs.2/- per km.

   When two experts from the same city come to the same exam centre in a single vehicle on the same day, then travelling allowance for only one car at the rate applicable is admissible.

   Bill claimed for travel by ordinary bus and second class railway, actual fare will be reimbursed as per claim.

   Bill claimed for travel by luxury bus and/or higher class railway actual fare will be reimbursed, only if ticket for travelling to destination is attached & if return journey is also claimed then a copy of ticket is required to be attached. However, if ticket is not attached, then ordinary bus fare will be reimbursed.

   Bill claimed for travel by air, copy of ticket with boarding pass and prior approval is required to be produced.

   If Experts are coming from other universities/Institutes/colleges, if travelled by hired taxi (Indica or equivalent) then they will be paid as per actual bill only if original bill is attached.

   Local conveyance

  • For travel between railway station/Bus station and place of duty/meeting will be paid maximum up to Rs. 300/-per day only to that person who has claimed for bus/railtravel.
  • For local travelling (other than mentioned above) within same city and within limit of 50 km will be paid maximum up to Rs. 200/-per day
  • Within Same city/town DA rates are not applicable unless specifically allowed.

   For calculating travelled kilometre, during semester, starting point will be Institution/college/university from where they are coming will be considered and during vacation time only, starting kilometre from residence of a person will be considered. If examiner is on vacation period then it is mandatory to attach proof of the same as per Annexure- A, otherwise institute to institute will be allowed.

   Dearness Allowance is Rs. 200/- For faculty travelling to Place of Duty is less than 50 km (One Side)

   Dearness Allowance is Rs. 400/- For faculty travelling to Place of Duty is More than 50 km (one side).

   Accommodation: Duty to be performed for more than one day then accomodation will be provided that is (n-1) * 1000 OR Actual charges paid, Whichever is less. Where “n” means Total number of days of duty, including public holiday/Sunday.