GTU Youth Festival "XITIJ 2016-17" Circular for Team Manager

Youth Festival “XITIJ 2016-17” Circular for Team Manager of XITIJ 2016

all the institutes are required to take a note of following points positively

  1. Each institute participating in the GTU Youth Festival (Xitij'16) needs to appoint a Team Manager who should be the faculty of that institute. The team manager is required to accompany the team. Team manager is also required during the registration of each event; hence it is mandatory for the institutes to appoint the official team manager.
  2. It is expected from all the GTU institutes to encourage their students to participate in the said event as this is an opportunity for them to showcase their talent and interact with the other students of the University. There are a few colleges in which students are interested to participate but the institutes are not showing interest. Such institutes are required to allow their students to participate and appoint a faculty as a team manager to look after them during the event.
  3. Students those who are unable to give their MID SEM exam due to participation in Youth festival, respective college has to consider their REMEDIAL exam as a regular MID SEM exam and will consider the marks of remedial as MID Semester exam marks (i.e. if a student participated in youth festival scores 23 in REMEDIAL exam of the college, Institute has to report 23 as students MID semester exam marks.) If in any case this participant fails in this exam, institute should make arrangements to take their REMEDIAL exam positively.
  4. In this youth festival ad-making competition will be considered as an additional event and its mark will not be counted in making of result.