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1,00,000+ students are currently studying in GTU and 2,50,000+ students have already completed their B.E. (Degree in engineering) from GTU, Ahmedabad since 2008. Companies or recruiters are searching students result or grade history for verification purpose before employment. Many faculties and college staff are also looking for students complete result to counsel the student. Most importantly, parents cannot remember Enrollment No of their loved once so this page becomes easy and handy tool to search the GTU engineering students by Surname, Name, Father name, Branch, College, Zone, etc.

If it displays thousands of results then do narrow your search by selecting branch or college. Sometimes, student’s surname and first name are in reverse order so you can try that search also. Download search results in Excel or CSV.

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Enrollment No Student College Branch Status
130490109072 PATEL FORAM SNPITRC, Vidhyabharti, Bardoli EE Passed Out
110750116054 PATEL FORAM ANILBHAI Shankarsingh Bapu, Gandhinagar IT Passed Out
130370131102 PATEL FORAM ARVINDBHAI Parul Old, Waghodia CSE Passed Out
080240116042 PATEL FORAM ARVINDBHAI Hasmukh Goswami, Ahmedabad IT Passed Out
120813107015 PATEL FORAM BHARATKUMAR Aadishwar, Gandhinagar CE Passed Out
120633107025 PATEL FORAM DAYALJI MBICT for Women, V. V. Nagar CE Passed Out
121100106021 PATEL FORAM DILIPBHAI GIDC, Navsari CI Passed Out
120330131069 PATEL FORAM DINESHCHANDRA MG Institute, Navasari CSE Passed Out
110130103074 PATEL FORAM DWARKESHBHAI VGEC, Ahmedabad BM Passed Out
090660107077 PATEL FORAM GHANSHYAMBHAI Sabar, Sabarkantha CE Passed Out
140010116028 PATEL FORAM GORDHANBHAI ADIT, Vallabh Vidhyanagar IT
120393107043 PATEL FORAM HASMUKHBHAI Saffrony, Mehsana CE Passed Out
090300107080 PATEL FORAM JAYANTIBHAI LDRP, Gandhinagar CE Passed Out
100280106101 PATEL FORAM KANTIBHAI L.D, Ahmedabad CI Passed Out
120170111041 PATEL FORAM KIRITBHAI GEC, Gandhinagar EC Passed Out
090210111068 PATEL FORAM MAHESHBHAI GEC, Bhavnagar EC Passed Out
090480111063 PATEL FORAM MAHESHBHAI VIT, Valia EC Passed Out
100130107091 PATEL FORAM NARESHBHAI VGEC, Ahmedabad CE Passed Out
150330107043 PATEL FORAM PRAFULBHAI MG Institute, Navasari CE
150330131043 PATEL FORAM PRAFULBHAI MG Institute, Navasari CSE
140513116010 PATEL FORAM PRAKASHKUMAR Alpha, Kalol, Gandhinagar IT Passed Out
161110107037 PATEL FORAM PRAVINBHAI Mahavir Swami, Surat CE
100130111050 PATEL FORAM RAJENDRAKUMAR VGEC, Ahmedabad EC Passed Out
160330106014 PATEL FORAM RAJESHBHAI MG Institute, Navasari CI
150980107014 PATEL FORAM RAJESHKUMAR Hansaba, Sidhhpur CE
110630107097 PATEL FORAM RAJESHKUMAR MBICT for Women, V. V. Nagar CE Passed Out
110510111013 PATEL FORAM RAJNIBHAI Alpha, Kalol, Gandhinagar EC Passed Out
090040119045 PATEL FORAM RAJNIKANT B.H. Gardi, Rajkot ME Passed Out
110630107066 PATEL FORAM RAMESHBHAI MBICT for Women, V. V. Nagar CE Passed Out
130120109066 PATEL FORAM SWAPNAKUMAR GIT, Gandhinagar EE Passed Out
130123107013 PATEL FORAM UPENDRAKUMAR GIT, Gandhinagar CE Passed Out
100170107033 PATEL FORAM VINODBHAI GEC, Gandhinagar CE Passed Out
090130116015 PATEL FORAM VISHNUBHAI VGEC, Ahmedabad IT Passed Out
110160116020 PATEL FORAMBEN HASAMUKHBHAI GEC, Modasa IT Passed Out
110510107007 PATEL FORAMBEN HASMUKHLAL Alpha, Kalol, Gandhinagar CE Passed Out
130020107055 PATEL FORAMBEN HITENDRAKUMAR Ahmedabad Inst., Ahmedabad CE
100440107032 PATEL FORAMBEN JAGDISHBHAI C.U.Shah, Wadhwan CE Passed Out
110513107013 PATEL FORAMBEN JASHWANTBHAI Alpha, Kalol, Gandhinagar CE Passed Out
140770106526 PATEL FORAMBEN KAUSHIKBHAI Silver Oak, Ahmedabad CI
090400111011 PATEL FORAMBEN KIRITBHAI Sankalchand, Visnagar EC Passed Out
100020107069 PATEL FORAMBEN MANOJKUMAR Ahmedabad Inst., Ahmedabad CE Passed Out
130780107009 PATEL FORAMBEN MUKESHKUMAR S.R.Patel, Unjha CE Passed Out
160773116035 PATEL FORAMBEN MUKESHKUMAR Silver Oak, Ahmedabad IT
100190113031 PATEL FORAMBEN NARESHBHAI GEC, Valsad EN Passed Out
100530111015 PATEL FORAMBEN PARESHBHAI Chhottubhai, Surat EC Passed Out
100400107074 PATEL FORAMBEN PARESHBHAI Sankalchand, Visnagar CE Passed Out
100660116014 PATEL FORAMBEN PRAMUKHBHAI Sabar, Sabarkantha IT Passed Out
110660111021 PATEL FORAMBEN RAMESHBHAI Sabar, Sabarkantha EC Passed Out
090660116030 PATEL FORAMBEN VISHNUBHAI Sabar, Sabarkantha IT Passed Out
110403107007 PATEL FORAMBEN VISHNUBHAI Sankalchand, Visnagar CE Passed Out
100020107065 PATEL FORAMBEN VISHNUBHAI Ahmedabad Inst., Ahmedabad CE Passed Out
151153107015 PATEL FORAMBEN VISHNUBHAI Swaminarayan, Kalol CE
090110120010 PATEL FORAMKUMAR VIJAYBHAI GCET, Vallabh Vidhyanagar MC Passed Out
140940107030 PATEL FORAMKUMARI Vidhyadeep, Olpad CE
100370111079 PATEL FORAMKUMARI BHARATBHAI Parul Old, Waghodia EC Passed Out
150013106008 PATEL FORAMKUMARI KISHORBHAI ADIT, Vallabh Vidhyanagar CI
140940109039 PATEL FORAMKUMARI NILESHKUMAR Vidhyadeep, Olpad EE
161110106037 PATEL FORAMKUMARI RAMESHBHAI Mahavir Swami, Surat CI
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