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1,00,000+ students are currently studying in GTU and 2,50,000+ students have already completed their B.E. (Degree in engineering) from GTU, Ahmedabad since 2008. Companies or recruiters are searching students result or grade history for verification purpose before employment. Many faculties and college staff are also looking for students complete result to counsel the student. Most importantly, parents cannot remember Enrollment No of their loved once so this page becomes easy and handy tool to search the GTU engineering students by Surname, Name, Father name, Branch, College, Zone, etc.

If it displays thousands of results then do narrow your search by selecting branch or college. Sometimes, student’s surname and first name are in reverse order so you can try that search also. Download search results in Excel or CSV.

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Enrollment No Student College Branch Status
130010119001 AADITYA A PATEL ADIT, Vallabh Vidhyanagar ME Passed Out
140110120063 AADITYA AGRAWAL GCET, Vallabh Vidhyanagar MC
080170107046 AADITYA PUROHIT NARESH GEC, Gandhinagar CE Passed Out
160280119001 AADITYA U WANGIKAR L.D, Ahmedabad ME
140023119001 AADITYA VINOD KHABRANI Ahmedabad Inst., Ahmedabad ME
130503109001 ABHONKAR ADITYA PRASHANT Sigma, Waghodia EE Passed Out
140370119005 ACHARYA ADITYA DEEPAKBHAI Parul Old, Waghodia ME
110840131041 ACHARYA ADITYA JAYESHBHAI FETR, Bardoli CSE Passed Out
130390102001 ADESARA ADITYA MANISHBHAI Saffrony, Mehsana AU Passed Out
110490119017 ADHVARYU ADITYA KETANKUMAR SNPITRC, Vidhyabharti, Bardoli ME Passed Out
150280113001 ADITYA L.D, Ahmedabad EN
141200107001 ADITYA Aditya Silver Oak, Ahmedabad CE
130930119002 ADITYA Arrdekta, Khedbrahma ME Passed Out
141200107002 ADITYA ACHARYA Aditya Silver Oak, Ahmedabad CE
140280117001 ADITYA AJAY VAISHAMPAYAN L.D, Ahmedabad IC
130570107001 ADITYA ANAND BHALERAO Marwadi, FOE, Rajkot CE Passed Out
130080112002 ADITYA ANIL THANVI BVM SFI, Vallabh Vidhyanagar ET Passed Out
140020106001 ADITYA ANIT PATEL Ahmedabad Inst., Ahmedabad CI
130670119001 ADITYA AVINASH INGALE SAL-ITER, Ahmedabad ME Passed Out
130050111003 ADITYA B MOHANTA Babaria, Vadodara EC Passed Out
160014107001 ADITYA B PANCHAL ADIT, Vallabh Vidhyanagar CE
140090107001 ADITYA BABARIA C.K.Pithawala, Surat CE
100800116060 ADITYA BHATT Vadodara Institute, Waghodia IT Passed Out
130473116001 ADITYA BHATT V.V.P, Rajkot IT
150570137001 ADITYA BHUPENKUMAR MAHIDA Marwadi, FOE, Rajkot ES
141080119062 ADITYA CHAUHAN Amiraj, Ahmedabad ME
150010107002 ADITYA CHAUHAN ADIT, Vallabh Vidhyanagar CE
140950107001 ADITYA CHOLKAR ITMUTC, Waghodia CE
100770116061 ADITYA CHOWDHARY Silver Oak, Ahmedabad IT Passed Out
130050119504 ADITYA DEEPAK PATEL Babaria, Vadodara ME Passed Out
140050107001 ADITYA DESHMUKH Babaria, Vadodara CE
090050131125 ADITYA DHAR Babaria, Vadodara CSE Passed Out
130120107001 ADITYA DINESH GIT, Gandhinagar CE Passed Out
140670107001 ADITYA GAJJAR SAL-ITER, Ahmedabad CE
130950131001 ADITYA GANDHI ITMUTC, Waghodia CSE Passed Out
160330119001 ADITYA GHANSHYAMKUMAR TANDEL MG Institute, Navasari ME
160323117001 ADITYA GUPTA LJIT, Ahmedabad IC
110250108063 ADITYA JAGDISH OZA Indus, Kalol E&E Passed Out
140320102002 ADITYA JAIN LJIT, Ahmedabad AU
130010109001 ADITYA JAYESH DHOLAKIA ADIT, Vallabh Vidhyanagar EE Passed Out
150120107001 ADITYA KAUSHIK GIT, Gandhinagar CE
160140111003 ADITYA KUMAR PANDEY GEC, Bharuch EC
150260116001 ADITYA KUMAR TIWARI KIT, Kalol IT
150840109003 ADITYA KUSHWAHA FETR, Bardoli EE
150110111002 ADITYA LAL PANDEY GCET, Vallabh Vidhyanagar EC
140090119001 ADITYA MEHTA C.K.Pithawala, Surat ME
140670119502 ADITYA MISTRY SAL-ITER, Ahmedabad ME
160520123003 ADITYA NILESH SHILPI Central Institute, Ahmedabad PT
140390107002 ADITYA PANDEY Saffrony, Mehsana CE
151040107001 ADITYA PANDYA GPERI, Mehsana CE
130120106003 ADITYA PANWAR GIT, Gandhinagar CI
140120116003 ADITYA PATEL GIT, Gandhinagar IT
150860107003 ADITYA PATEL Laxmi, Valsad CE
150860131003 ADITYA PATEL Laxmi, Valsad CSE
140510119001 ADITYA PATEL Alpha, Kalol, Gandhinagar ME
130770106502 ADITYA PATEL Silver Oak, Ahmedabad CI Passed Out
130550111001 ADITYA PATHAK Engineering College, Godhra EC Passed Out
140070110002 ADITYA PITALE BVM GIA, Vallabh Vidhyanagar EL
140670106001 ADITYA PRAKASH SAL-ITER, Ahmedabad CI
110430109060 ADITYA PRAKASH Shantilal Shah, Bhavnagar EE Passed Out
160990119002 ADITYA PRAKASH DAS Shroff Rotary, Valia ME
151210119002 ADITYA PRAKASH VAKIL PRASAD ApolloIET, Ahmedabad ME
140320105001 ADITYA PRASHANT SHAH LJIT, Ahmedabad CH
140010102001 ADITYA PRATAP SINGH ADIT, Vallabh Vidhyanagar AU
140870107001 ADITYA R BHADAURIA Parul New, Waghodia CE
150130107002 ADITYA R MISHRA VGEC, Ahmedabad CE
130120109001 ADITYA RAHUL MEHRA GIT, Gandhinagar EE Passed Out
160410111003 ADITYA RAI SVIT, Vasad EC
140370116001 ADITYA RAKESHBHAI ACHARYA Parul Old, Waghodia IT
131170119001 ADITYA RAKESHBHAI SHUKLA Neotech, Vadodara ME Passed Out
130110111002 ADITYA RANJAN GCET, Vallabh Vidhyanagar EC Passed Out
150110109002 ADITYA RATTAN GCET, Vallabh Vidhyanagar EE
090300116066 ADITYA RATURI LDRP, Gandhinagar IT Passed Out
140320107004 ADITYA RAVINDRA GANDHI LJIT, Ahmedabad CE
160770101001 ADITYA S RAJPUT Silver Oak, Ahmedabad AE
120050111102 ADITYA S. CONTRACTOR Babaria, Vadodara EC
130770107002 ADITYA SALIL Silver Oak, Ahmedabad CE
161310140001 ADITYA SHAH Adani, Ahmedabad CI-Infra
160160111001 ADITYA SHAH GEC, Modasa EC
150950119501 ADITYA SHARMA ITMUTC, Waghodia ME
140990119001 ADITYA SINGH Shroff Rotary, Valia ME
100790119106 ADITYA SINGH Aurum, Rajkot ME Passed Out
080230119057 ADITYA SINGH CHAUHAN GEC, Surat ME Passed Out
100410116088 ADITYA SORAL SVIT, Vasad IT Passed Out
130970106002 ADITYA SRIVASTAVA Marwadi, FOT, Rajkot CI Passed Out
150410109001 ADITYA TIWARI SVIT, Vasad EE
140370119006 ADITYA TONY VADAKKEN Parul Old, Waghodia ME
100470105029 ADITYA TRIVEDI V.V.P, Rajkot CH Passed Out
140050107002 ADITYA TUSHAR WADNERKAR Babaria, Vadodara CE
150150111001 ADITYA VERMA GEC, Bhuj EC
130370119501 ADITYA VIJAY KUMAR PANDYA Parul Old, Waghodia ME Passed Out
140450119001 ADITYA VIJAYKUMAR SHAH Sadvidhyamandal, Bharuch ME
151240109018 ADITYA VIRAJ MENOTH Sardar Patel College, Bakrol EE
130680119001 ADITYABHAI RAVAL Merchant Institute, Piludara, Mehsana ME Passed Out
130150106001 ADITYAKUMAR BARIA GEC, Bhuj CI Passed Out
100810107028 ADITYASINGH RAMESHBAHADURSINGH Aadishwar, Gandhinagar CE Passed Out
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