Elements of Civil Engineering (110004)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Scope of Civil Engineering
Introduction: Impact of Infrastructural Development on the Economy of a Country, Role of Civil Engineers, Importance of Planning, Scheduling and Construction Management.
Introduction: Surveying and levelling, Object and uses, Primary divisions, Fundamental principles, Classification of surveying, Plans and maps, Scales, Units of measure.
Linear measurements:
Methods, Instruments used in chaining; Chain surveying, Ranging; Obstacles; Errors in chaining, Tape corrections, Conventional symbols
Compass surveying:
Types and uses of compass, Bearings, Whole Circle Bearings, and Reduced Bearings, Computation of angles; Meridians; declinations and dip of needle; Local attraction; Chain and compass surveying field work.
Elevation measurements:

Levelling, object and uses, terms used in levelling, levelling instruments, methods of levelling, recording and methods of reducing, errors in levelling, contours; characteristics and applications.
Areas and volumes:

use of a Planimeter.
Modern Tools of Surveying and Mapping:

Introduction to Theodolite, Electronic Distance Measurement Instruments, Total Station, Global Positioning System, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System.
Construction Materials
Requirement, types, uses, properties and importance of Civil Engineering materials like Stone, Bricks, Lime, Cement, Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals, Ceramic Materials, Timber, Sand, Aggregate, Mortar and Concrete, Paints and Varnishes, Glass , Plastic, Conducting, Magnetic, and Miscellaneous Materials.
Elements of Building Construction
Elementary principles and basic requirements of a building planning, layout of residential & industrial buildings.
Classification of buildings based upon occupancy and structure, Design Loads, Common building components, their functions, and nominal dimensions. Elements of building drawing. Introduction to building byelaws.
Water Resources Development
Elementary Hydrology, Sources of water, Watershed Development, water requirements and its conservation, Hydraulic Structures of Storage, Water Conveyance System: Canals; Water Conduits.
Transportation Engineering
Role of Transportation in National development, Transportation Ways, Surface Transportation and Aviation, Elements of Highway materials properties and highway construction, BOT Projects for Highways, Elements of Traffic Engineering and Traffic Control.