Elements of Electrical Engineering (110005)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
D.C. Circuits
Effect Of Temperature Upon Resistance, Solutions Of series, parallel in brief, star-delta combination of Resistances, KVL & KCL.
Electrostatics & Capacitance
Definitions of Electrostatic, types of capacitors, series, parallel combinations & related circuit calculations in brief charging & discharging of capacitor. Energy stored in capacitor.
Magnetic Circuit , Comparison Between Electric And Magnetic Circuits , Series/Parallel Magnetic Circuit Calculations , Magnetic Hysteresis, Hysteresis And Eddy Current Loss, Magnetic Materials, Electromagnetic induction, Statically And Dynamically Induced E.M.F.S in brief, Fleming''s Right hand rule-Left hand rule, Coefficients Of Self And Mutual Inductances , Coefficient Of Coupling, Series/Parallel Combinations Of Inductances, Rise And Decay Of Current In Inductive Circuits , Force Experienced By Current Carrying Conductor Placed In Magnetic Field.
Single Phase A.C. Circuits
Generation Of Alternating Voltages & Currents, Their Equations, Definitions , R.M.S. And Average Values , Vector Representation Of Alternating Quantities , Addition And Subtraction Of Vectors , Complex Algebra., Phasor Relations Between Voltage And Current In Each Of Resistance, Inductance And Capacitance , A.C. Series And Parallel Circuits , Power And Power Factor , Methods Of Circuit Solution (Analytically & Vectorially), Resonance In Series And Parallel Circuits.
Polyphase Circuits
Generation Of Polyphase Voltages , 3,Phase System , Phase Sequence, Inter Connection Of 3 Phases , Voltage, Current And Power Relationships In Balanced Three Phase Circuits , Power Measurement In Single Phase And 3 Phase Circuits.
Batteries, Cables
Battery, life of batteries, charging & discharging of battery. Cables, 2, 21/2, 3 and 4 core armored & unarmored cables.
Electrical Wiring
Connectors & switches, system of wiring, domestic wiring installation, sub circuits in domestic wiring, simple control circuit in domestic installation, industrial electrification.
Types of lamps, fixtures & reflectors, illumination schemes for domestic, industrial & commercial premises, Lumen requirements for different categories.
Safety & protection
Safety, electric shock, first aid for electric shock other hazards of electrical laboratories & safety rules, use of multimeters, grounding, importance of grounding, equipment of grounding for safety. Circuit protection devices, fuses, MCB, ELCB & relays.