Basics of Structural Engineering (131304)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Direct and bending stresses :
Short columns subjected to eccentric load, middle third rule, kernel of section, Retaining walls, Masonary walls, Overview of long column, slenderness ratio
Deflection of beams :
Moment area method, Techniques to control deflections
Moment Distribution Method :
Overview of fixed end moments, Analysis of statically Indeterminate beams & plane frames.
Concrete Technology :

• Ingredient of concrete: Cement, Aggregate, Admixtures, Water.
1. Cement: Hydration mechanisms, Types of cement & their uses, Overview of physical properties and their tests as per IS and ASTM
2. Aggregate: Function, Types, Sieve analysis, size, Overview of physical tests as per IS & ASTM
3. Admixtures: Various types, Advantages and limitations relevant IS & ASTM
• Mixing & Placing of Concrete, Various techniques of Curing, Hardened Concrete
• Durability and permeability of Concrete: Definitions, Causes, Carbonation, Cracking, Creep, shrinkage, Crack width, Permeability.
• Concrete in Aggressive Environment: Alkali aggregate Reaction, Sulphate Attack, Chloride attack, Acid attack. Special coating for them, Water proofing. Concrete for storing hot liquids.
Soil Engineering :

• General characteristics of different types of soil, Soil designation.
• Particle size analysis as per BIS grading curves consistency limits
• Geotechnical properties of soil : Permeability, Shearing strength, Compaction & Consolidation, Characteristics of soil and relevant test
• Bearing capacity of soil mass : Shear failure and Settlement criteria.
• Sub surface investigation : Planning of exploration programme,Field testing of soil.
• Introduction to geosyenthesis and its application.