Manufacturing Process-1 (131903)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Basic Machine Tools
Machine tools classification, working and auxiliary motions in machine tools, Primary cutting motions in machines tools.
Metal Cutting Lathes
Engine Lathes, construction all arrangement and principal units of engine lathes, type and size range of engine lathes, Operations carried on enginelathe , attachment extending the processing capacities of engine lathes, description of other types of lathes, Plain truing lathes, facing lathes, multiple tool lathes, simple purpose lathes, turret lathes, horizontal and vertical. Alignment tests of lathes.
Drilling Machines
Purpose and field of application of drilling machines upright drill processes, radial drills, alignment tests of drilling machine.
Boring Machine
Purpose and filed of application, Horizontal boring machines, Precision boring machines.
Milling Machines
Purpose and types of milling machines, general purpose milling machines, different types of milling operations, milling cutters, attachments extending the processing capabilities of general purpose milling machines. Alignment tests of milling machine.
Planers, Shapers and Slotters
Classification: Attachments extending the processing capacities of each.
Sawing and broaching, Machines
Metal sawing classification: reciprocating sawing machines, circular sawing machines, band sawing machines. Types of broaching machines, advantage and limitations of broaching.
Grinding Machines and Abrasives
Classification of grinding machines, cylindrical grinders, internal grinders, Surface grinders, tool and cutter grinders, grinding wheel surface finishing. Abrasives, manufacture or grinding wheels.