Manufacturing And Assembly Drawing (133405)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Technical Drawing Standard
Indian Standard Code of practice for Engineering Drawing: General principles of presentation, conventional representation of dimensioning and sectioning, conventional representation of threaded parts, gears, springs and common features. Abbreviations and symbols used in technical drawings. Symbols and method of indication on the drawing for surface finish, welding and riveted joints.
Fits And Tolerances
Tolerance types and representation on the drawing - Fits types and selection for different applications - Basic hole systems - Basic shaft systems - Allowances. Geometric tolerances - Form and positional. Datum and datum features symbols used to represent geometric tolerances.
Assembly Drawing Of Joints, Coupling And Bearings
Preparation of drawing for keys and keyways, cotter joints, pin joints and screwed fasteners. Preparation of drawing for Couplings - Flange coupling and universal coupling, Bearings: Plummer block - Foot step bearing. Representation of tolerances in drawing.
Production Drawing
Preparation of production drawing for simple components, interpretation of production drawings
Assembly Drawing Of Machine Elements
Preparation of assembled views given parts details - Lathe tail stock - Lathe chuck - Connecting rod - Screw jack, machine vice, Square Turret tool holder for Lathe, tool head of shaper and stop valve. Representation of tolerances in drawing. Injection moulding die assembly for plastic products.
Examination must include an assembly drawing of machine elements.