Mathematics-4 (140001)  

Text and Reference Books

Complex variables and applicati (7th Edition)

Author : R. V. Churchill and J. W. Brown

Publisher : McGraw-Hill (2003)

Complex analysis

Author : J. M. Howie

Publisher : Springer-Verlag (2004).

Complex Variables- Introduction and Applications

Author : M. J. Ablowitz and A. S. Fokas

Publisher : Cambridge University Press, 1998 (Indian Edition)

Advanced engineering mathematics (8th Edition)

Author : E. Kreyszig

Publisher : John Wiley (1999).

Elementary Numerical Analysis- An Algorithmic Approach (3rd Edition)

Author : S. D. Conte and Carl de Boor

Publisher : McGraw-Hill, 1980.

Introduction to Numerical Analysis (2nd Edition)

Author : C. E. Froberg

Publisher : Addison-Wesley, 1981