Mechanical Measurement And Metrology (141901)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Introduction to Metrology
Meaning, Necessity and Objectives of Metrology; Standards of Measurement; Elements of Measuring System; Methods of Measurement; Precision and Accuracy; Sources of Errors; Selection and Care of instruments; Standardizing organizations.
Linear Measurements
Introduction & classification of Linear Measuring Instruments; Least count; Engineer’s Steel rule; Callipers; Vernier Calliper: working principle, construction, types & precautions to be taken; Vernier Height Gauge; Vernier Depth Gauge, Micrometers: principle, construction, Sources of errors and precautions to be taken, types of micrometers, Miscellaneous linear measuring instruments like bore gauge, telescopic gauge, slip gauges, Dial indicators: construction & working; comparators; calibration of various linear measuring instruments; Applications, Advantages & Limitations of commonly used linear measuring instruments.
Angular and Taper Measurements
Introduction; Working principle & construction of Angular Measuring instruments like Protractors, Sine bars, Sine centre, Angle gauges, Spirit level, Clinometers, angle dekkor; Applications, Advantages & limitations of commonly used angular measuring instruments; Taper Measuring instruments: Measurement of taper shafts & holes.
Screw Thread Measurements
Introduction & classification of Threads; Elements, Specification & forms of Screw Threads; Various Methods for measuring elements of External & Internal Screw Thread; Screw Thread Gauges; Errors in Threads.
Gear Measurements
Introduction & Classification of gears; Forms of gear teeth; Gear tooth terminology; Measurement and testing of spur gear: Various methods of measuring tooth thickness, tooth profile & pitch; Gear Errors.
Measurement of Surface Finish
Introduction; Surface Texture; Methods of Measuring Surface finish- Comparison Methods & Direct Instrument Measurement; Sample Length; Numerical Evaluation of Surface Texture; Indication of Surface roughness Symbols used; Adverse effects of poor surface finish.
Straightness, Flatness, Square ness, Parallelism and Machine Tool Tests
Introduction; Measurement of Straightness, Flatness, Square ness and Parallelism; run out and concentricity; tool makers microscope; Interferometry & its use in checking flatness, surface contour, parallelism etc.; Interferometers & optical flats; Introduction to Machine tool testing;Various Alignment test on lathe, Milling Machine, Drilling Machine etc.
Basic Concepts of Measurements
Introduction, Measurement and it’s aim; Generalized Measurement system;Performance Characteristics –static & dynamic characteristics of instruments, types of measurement system , Transducers, Instrumental error & its analysis.
Temperature Measurement
Introduction; Temperature and Temperature Scales; Methods of temperature Measurement; Expansion thermometers; Filled System thermometers; Electrical temperature measuring instrument; Pyrometers; Calibration of temperature measuring instruments.
Pressure Measurement
Introduction; Pressure standards and methods of pressure measurement; Manometers; Elastic pressure transducers; Measurement of Vacuum; Force balance pressure gauges; Electrical pressure transducers; pressure switches; Calibration of pressure measuring instruments, Maintenance and repair of pressure measuring instrument; Trouble shooting.
Miscellaneous measurement
Measurement of force, torque, power, displacement, velocity, acceleration, speed, frequency.