Software Engineering (160701)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Introduction to Software Engineering
Study of Different Models, Software Characteristics, Components, Applications, Layered Technologies, Processes, Methods And Tools, Generic View Of Software Engineering, Process Models- Waterfall model, Incremental, Evolutionary process models- Prototype, Spiral And Concurrent Development Model.
Requirements Engineering
Problem Recognition, Requirement Engineering tasks, Processes, Requirements Specification, Use cases and Functional specification, Requirements validation, Requirements Analysis, Modeling – different types
Structured System Design
Design Concepts, Design Model, Software Architecture, Data Design, Architectural Styles and Patterns, Architectural Design, Alternative architectural designs, Modeling Component level design and its modeling, Procedural Design, Object Oriented Design.
Data Oriented Analysis & Design
Difference between Data and Information, E-R Diagram, Dataflow Model, Control Flow Model, Control and Process Specification, Data Dictionary
User Interface Design
Concepts of UI, Interface Design Model, Internal and External Design, Evaluation, Interaction and Information Display Software
Planning a Software Project
Scope and Feasibility, Effort Estimation, Schedule and staffing, Quality Planning, Risk management- identification, assessment, control, project monitoring plan, Detailed Scheduling
Quality Assurance
Quality Control, Assurance, Cost, Reviews, Software Quality Assurance, Approaches to SQA, Reliability, Quality Standards- ISO9000 And 9001
Coding and Unit Testing
Programming principles and guidelines, Programming practices, Coding standards, Incremental development of code, Management of code evaluation, Unit testing- procedural units, classes, Code Inspection, Metrics – size measure, complexity metrics, Cyclomatic Complexity, Halstead measure, Knot Count, Comparison Of Different Metrics.
Concepts, Psychology of testing, Levels of testing, Testing Process- test plan, test case design, Execution, Black-Box testing – Boundary value analysis – Pairwise testing- state based testing, White-Box testing – criteria and test case generation and tool support, Metrics – Coverage analysis- reliability
Software Project Management
Management Spectrum, People –Product – Process- Project, W5HH Principle, Importance of Team Management
Case Tools And Study
Introduction To CASE, Building Blocks Of CASE, Integrated CASE Environment