Information Security (160702)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Conventional Encryption
Conventional Encryption Model, Steganography, Classical Encryption Techniques
Conventional Encryption Techniques
Simplified Des, Block Cipher Principles, Data Encryption Standards, Differential And Linear Cryptography Principles, Block Cipher Design Principles, Modes Of Operations, Algorithms Like Triple Des, International Data Encryption Algo ithm, Blowfish, Rc5, Cast-128, Rc2, Characteristics Of Advanced Symmetrical Block Cipher, Issues Of Conventional Encryption Like Traffic Distribution, Random Number Generation, Key Distribution
Public Key Cryptography
Principles Of Public-Key Cryptography, RSA Algorithm, Key Management, Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange
Number Theory
Prime And Relative Prime Numbers, Modular Arithmetic, Euler’s Theorem, Euclid’s Algorithm, Discrete Logarithm Tics
Message Authentication And Hash Functions
Authentication Requirement, Functions, Message Authentication Code, Hash Functions,Security Of Hash Functions And Macs, MD5 Message Digest Algorithm, Secure Hash Algorithm, Ripemd-160, Hmac
Introduction To E-Commerce
Introduction To E-Commerce, Transactions On E-Commerce, Requirement Of Security On E-Commerce
Network Security
Digital Signatures, Authentication Protocols, Digital Signature Standards, Application Authentication Techniques Like Kerberos, X.509 Directory Authentication Services, Active Directory Service Of Windows NT/Windows 2000
IP Security E-Mail Security
IP Security Overview, Architecture, Authentication Header, Encapsulation Security Payload, Combining Security Association, Key Management, Pretty Good Privacy, S/Mime And Types
Web Security
Web Security Requirement, SSL And Transport Layer Security, Secure Electronic Transactions, Firewall Design Principles, Trusted Systems