Web Application Development (160705)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Introduction to WWW
Protocols and programs, secure connections, application and development tools, the web browser, Web Design: Web site desin principles, plann ng the site and navigation
Introduction to HTML
The development process, basic HTML, formatting and fonts, commenting code, color, hyperlink, lists, tables, images, simple HTML forms, web site structure Introduction to XHTML : XML, Move to XHTML, Meta tags, Character entities, frames and frame sets, inside browser.
Style sheets
Need for CSS, introduction to CSS, basic syntax and structure, using CSS, background images, colors and properties, manipulating texts, using fonts, borders and boxes, margins, padding lists, positioning using CSS, CSS2
Client side scripting, What is Javascript, How to develop Javascript, simple Javascript, variables, functions, conditions, loops and repetition Javascript : Advance script, Javascript and objects, Javascript own objects, the DOM and web browser environments, forms and validations DHTML : Combining HTML, CSS and Javascript, events and buttons, controlling your browser,
Introduction to XML, uses of XML, simple XML, XML key components, DTD and Schemas, Well formed, using XML with application. XML, XSL and XSLT. Introduction to XSL, XML transformed simple example, XSL elements, transforming with XSLT
Web services, Feeds and and Blogs
Need for web services, SOAP, SOAP XML and HTTP, Web feeds, Blogs, The server side : What is server, choices, setting up UNIX and Linux web servers, Logging users, dynamic IP
Starting to script on server side, Arrays, function and forms, advance PHP Databases : Basic command with PHP xamples, Connection to server,creating database, selecting a database, listing database, listing table names creating a table, inserting data, altering tables, queries, deleting database, deleting data and tables, PHP myadmin and database bugs.