System Programming (160706)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Language Processors
Language Processing Activities, Fundamental of Language Processing (phases and passes of compiler and role of each analyzer) ,Fundamental of Language Specification
Scanning and Parsing
Regular Grammars and Regular Expression, Finite state automata, Building DFAs, The Scanning Process, An Elementary Scanner Design and Its Implementation, The role of a parser, Top down parsing-naïve approach, Recursive descent parser, LL (1) parser, Bottom up parsingnaïve approach, simple precedence grammars, Operator Precedence Parsing
Elements of Assembly Language Programming, Assembly Scheme, single pass Assembler, Detailed Design of two pass assembler, Comparison of single pass and two pass compiler ,Output interface of assembler
Macro Processors
Macro Definition and Call, Macro Expansion, Nested Macro Calls, Advanced Macro Facilities, Design Of Macro Preprocessor, Design of macro assembler
Loader & Linkers
Relocation of Linking Concept, Design of Linker, Linker for MS DOS, Linking for overlays, Design of absolute loaders, Design of direct linking loaders
Introduction To Compilers
Aspects of Compilation, Memory Allocation, Compilation of Expression and Control Structure, Code Optimization, Interpreters