Technology of Printing - I (162804)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Necessity and definition of printing. Various stages involved in printing.
Equipments and Methods Used for Block, Stencil & Roller Printing :
Engraving Process, Stencil cutting process, Methods of block & stencil printing, Engraving of copper rollers, Construction & Working of roller printing machine, Design setting mechanism in roller printing machine.
Preparation of Print Paste & Thickening Agents :
Selection of dyes for print paste, Formulation & properties of printing paste, Classification, properties & functions of thickeners, Selection of suitable thickeners, Merits & demerits of various thickening agents.
Styles of Printing:
Various styles of printing: Direct style, Dyed style, Raised style, Azoic style, Resist style, Discharge style, Batik style, Crimp style, Brasso style etc.
Printing of Different Fabrics:
Printing of Cotton/Viscose fabric with Direct, Azoic, Vat, Indigosol, Aniline Black, Reactive & Pigment Dyes.
Methods of Fixation:
Necessity of dye fixation. Working of different machines like Steamer, Ager, Polymeriser, etc. for fixation of dyes.