Application of Geoinformatics in Civil Engineering (Dept. Elec.-I ) (170606)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Remote sensing systems, multi concept of remote sensing, Remote sensing in India Photogrammetry : terrestrial, aerial, satellite, terminology, scale, flight planning, stereo photogrammetry, relief displacement, ground co ordinates, field applications, uses, comparison of aerial photo and satellite image, digital photogrammetry.
Electromagnetic radiation:
Introduction, energy interaction in the atmosphere, earth surface feature, resolution, pixel
Sensors and platforms:
classification, land observation satellites, high resolution sensors, weather satellites and sensors, marine observation satellites. Satellite data products: introduction, data reception, transmission, and processing, remote sensing data products, digital data products.
Image interpretation:
Procedure, elements, strategies, keys, equipments.
Digital image processing:
overview of digital analysis steps, image enhancement, spatial filtering, image transformation, classification and analysis.
Introduction, component of GIS, input data for GIS, types of out data products
GIS Data:
Data representation, data sources, data acquisition, verifications, geo referencing of GIS data, spatial data structures, modeling surfaces, networks, GIS data base management systems. Spatial data analysis: terminology, reclassification, data integration, spatial interpolation, surface analysis, network analysis, digital terrain visualization. Global Positioning System
Application of Geoinformatics in Civil Engineering:
Landuse and land cover mapping, Transportation studies, crop inventory studies, ground water mapping, urban growth studies, flood plain mapping, waste land mapping, Waste disposal facility in urban areas and disaster management