Advance .Net Technology (Dept. Elec. - I) (170707)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Introduction to .NET
.NET framework, MSIL, CLR, CLS, Name spaces, Assemblies, the Common Language Implementation , Assemblies , Metadata and Intermediate Language , Garbage Collection , Versioning and Side-by-Side Execution , The End to DLL Hell , Managed Execution , COM InterOp
Data Types and Base Class Libraries
Understanding .NET Data Types , Exploring Assemblies and Namespaces , String Manipulation , Files and I/O , Collections , The Microsoft.VisualBasic Namespace
Language Features Creating .NET Projects , Namespaces , Data Structure and Language Highlights , Classes and Inheritance , Structured Error Handling , Exploring the Base Class Library , Compatibility with VB6 , The .NET Type System , Threads
Object Oriented Programming with VB.NET
Creating Classes in VB.NET , Overloading , Constructors , Inheritance , Controlling scope and visibility , Dispose and Finalization , Debugging and Error Handling
Introduction to Windows Forms
Benefits of Windows Forms , .NET Events , The Windows Forms Model ,Creating Windows Forms ,Windows Forms Properties and Events , Dialogs , ToolTips
Windows Forms and Controls in detail
Windows Form Controls ,Resizing , Menus, Visual Inheritance , Apply Inheritance techniques to Forms , Creating Base Forms , Programming Derived Forms , MDI Form, Custom control creation, Using ActiveX Controls, Printing , Handling Multiple Events , GDI+
Introduction to ADO.NET
Benefits of ADO.NET , ADO.NET compared to classic ADO , ADO .NET Objects Working with DataSets , Managed Providers , Data Binding, DataSets and XML , Typed DataSets, Working with Data Reader
Console Applications
When to use Console Applications , Generating Console Output , Processing Console Input
Introduction to C#,Namespaces,Constructors and Destructors, Function Overloading and Inheritance,Modifiers,Properties and Indexers, Attributes, Reflection API ,Unsafe Code, Events and Delegates
Introduction to ASP.NET, Difference between ASP and ASP .Net, Working with Controls, Using Rich Server Controls, Configuration Overview , Using the Web Site Administration Tool , Programming Configuration Files , Encrypting Configuration Sections, Accessing Data using ADO .Net, Connecting to Data , Executing Commands , Working with Data
Managing State
Preserving State in Web Applications , Page-Level State , Using Cookies to Preserve State , ASP.NET Session State , Storing Objects in Session State , Configuring Session State , Setting Up an Out-of-Process State Server , Storing Session State in SQL Server , Using Cookieless Session IDs , Application State
Themes and Master Pages
Creating a Consistent Web Site, ASP.NET Themes: Working with CSS and Scene files, Master Pages: working with Content place holder and Nested Master page.
Using the Data Bound controls and Repeater Controls
Overview of List-Bound Controls , Creating a Repeater Control , Creating a DataList Control,
Creating and Consuming Web Services
The Motivation for XML Web Services , Creating an XML Web Service with Visual Studio , Designing XML Web Services , Creating Web Service Consumers, Discovering Web Services Using UDDI
Advance .Net Concepts:
Introduction Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Introduction to Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Introduction to Windows Work Flow (WF), Silver light, Introduction to Ajax Controls.