Automotive CAD (Dept. Elec.-II ) (180205)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Basics of CAD
Fundamentals of CAD, phases of CAD, benefits, applications, Display techniques, Hardware and software of CAD, programming and tools in CAD, Computer aided design, computer graphics, transformations, 2-D & 3-D drawing and viewing, modeling in 3-D.
Numerical methods
Modeling and Programming, Gauss elimination method, numerical integration, finite differences, curve fitting, Newton raphson technique.
Computer graphics
Elements, raster scan technique, Graphic elements drawing , algorithms for line, circle, ellipse, arc, rectangle etc., drawing of 2-D elements, filling of object, programming methods, transformation in 2-D as scaling , rotation, rotation about any point, scaling about any point, translation, mirror and shear, transformation in 3-D as scaling ,translation and rotation ,mirror, shear
Modeling in 3-D, surface, wireframe and solid modeling
Design of Vehicle components
Application for design of vehicle components and mathematical modeling with program on design problems like shaft, propeller shaft, axles, gear box, gears, spring and suspension system, brake design, clutch design , body design, optimization concepts and techniques for reducing weight and cost of the components.
Finite elements techniques
Procedure , methods, element , types, modeling, single dimensional analysis on beam element, shape function, stress matrix, connectivity table, thermal stresses, horizontal and vertical element structure, global load matrix, global deflection matrix, stiffness matrix, elimination approach and penalty approach, heat transfer analysis , fluid flow analysis, programming , mesh generation
Computer Aided Design packages, 3-D modeling technique and Design Analysis Soft ware Introduction:
Various soft ware capabilities AND limitations (Ansys Fluent, CFD, Hyper works, Solid works, ProE, CATIA, Adams, Car SIM). Basic knowledge to be imparted to the students. Coverage in the examinations should be limited to only 1 question.