Modeling And Simulations of Bioprocess (Dept. Elec.-II ) (180405)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage

Concepts of optimization, single variable optimization, Linear and Non Linear Programming Methods with Numericals, Specialized Optimization techniques-GA, ANN etc. Few Applications.

Concept of modeling, Unstructured and structured modeling, meaning and interpretation through Deterministic and stochastic models, Segregated and unsegregated models, Shu’s segregated models for Lactic acid fermentation.
Details of Structured kinetic models:
Compartmental models, Product formation, Unstructured and structured models, Genetically structured models.

Stochastic model for thermal sterilization of the medium, Modelling for activated sludge process, Model for anaerobic digestion, Models for lactic acid fermentation and antibiotic production, other case studies

Process simulation techniques, Equation oriented approach, Equation oriented simulators ( SPEED UP, ASCEND, FLOWSIM, QUASILIN, DYNSIM), simulation programs based on Euler’s methods, Newton – Raphsen methods, Runga – Kutta methods, Simulation of biochemical system models.