Design of Hydraulic Structures (180601)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Elements of Dam engineering:
Introductory perspectives, Embankment types and Characteristics- Concrete dams and characteristics- Spillways and ancillary works – site assessment and selection of type of dam
Embankment dam engineering:
Nature and classification of soil- engineering characteristics of soil, principles of design – Material and construction- Internal seepage – Stability and stresses, Settlement and deformation in rock fill embankments
Concrete dam engineering:
Loading -Concepts and criteria, Gravity dam analysisdesign features and stability- elementary profile of gravity dam- Concrete for dams – roller compacted concrete gravity dams
Dam outlet works:
Spillways – Ogee spillway - cavitation on spillway – design feature- design principles and design of spillways – Chute spillways –Energy dissipation – stilling basins – plunge pools
Drop structures:
Sarda fall – Glacis fall –Design principles- Cross regulator, head regulator and functions