Mine And Mineral Economics (182201)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Economic importance of the mineral industry; mining economy, risky nature of the mining industry, State and the mining industry; national mineral policy. Royalty, taxes and duties; imports and exports.

Mineral resource concept, classification and estimation. Conservation of mineral resource scope and limitations. Small mines and their socioeconomic significance. Mineral Information System.
Evaluation of Mineral Deposits:
Standard controlling factors, calculation of tonnage factors and mineable ore limitations, Ore classification.
Loss of mineral in mining :
Classification and incorporation of losses; coefficient of completeness of mineral extraction; dilution and recovery.
Cost of mining :
Capital and operating costs; factors affecting operating cost; methods of estimating future costs; standard cost and forecast; budget and budgetary control.
Mine Sampling :
Theory of sampling, method of sampling employed in different cases, precaution to be taken; Reduction, Calculation of overage reef values and widths; average stopping values and width and average milling values and widths; estimation of average-tonnages and value in mine-percentage sorted, percentage recovered, sampling procedure and precaution of sampling alluvial deposits and dumps, estimation of reserves.
Mine Valuation:
Different methods and their application; depreciation and amortisation and redemption of capital; Life of mine; its present value, Reports on valuation.