Production And Operations Management (182501)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Production Planning Control (PPC) and Process Engineering
Production Planning:
Introduction, Function, Pre-requisites and steps in process planning, Factors affecting process planning, Make or buy decision, operation process sheet, plant capacity and machine capacity. Process Engineering: Preliminary Part Print Analysis: Introduction, Establishing the General Characteristics of work piece, determining the principal Process, Functional surfaces of the work piece, Nature of the work to be Performed, Finishing and identifying operations.
Dimensional Analysis:
Introduction, types of dimensions, measuring the Geometry of form, Baselines, Direction of specific dimensions. Tolerance Analysis: Causes of work piece variation, Terms used in work piece dimensions, Tolerance stacks.
Work piece Control:
Introduction, Equilibrium Theories, Concept of location, Geometric Control, Dimensional control, Mechanical control.
Production Forecasting:
Introduction of production forecasting, The strategic role of forecasting in supply chain, Time frame, Demand behavior, Forecasting methods- Qualitative and Quantitative, Forecast accuracy.

Scheduling: Introduction, Objectives in scheduling, Loading, Sequencing, Monitoring, Advanced Planning and Scheduling Systems, Theory of Constraints, Employee scheduling.
Break-Even Analysis:
Introduction, Break-even analysis charts, Break-even analysis for process, plant and equipment selection
Aggregate Operations Planning:
Aggregate production planning, Adjusting capacity to meet the demand, Demand management, Hierarchical and collaborative planning, Aggregate planning for services
Assembly Line Balancing:
Assembly lines, Assembly line balancing, Splitting tasks, Flexible and U-shaped line layouts, Mixed model line balancing, Current thoughts on assembly lines, Computerized assembly line balancing
Material Management:
Introduction, Importance and objectives, Purchasing and Stores: policies and procedures, Vendor development, selection, analysis and rating, Selective inventory control-ABC, VED, XYZ, HML, FSN.
Inventory Management:The elements of inventory management, Inventory control systems, Economic order quantity models, Deterministic and probabilistic models, Quantity discounts, Reorder point, Order quantity for a periodic order system. Material Requirement Planning: Introduction, Master production schedule, Bill of material, Product structure, Ingredients of MRP, MRP calculations, concept of MRP-II.