Entrepreneurship (Dept. Elec. II) (182505)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Understanding Entrepreneurship and Growth of a Business Idea:
Introduction, Definition, Role of Entrepreneur, Reasons for growth of entrepreneurship, Age of an entrepreneurial firm, Why start a business? Entrepreneurial characteristics and skills, Type of entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurial failure, New business Idea, Pre selection process, Sources of business ideas, Preliminary research, Business idea evolution, other analysis
Intellectual Property:Introduction, Trademarks, Copyright, Patents, Geographical Indications(GI) of goods, Designs, Other laws in India Relating to IPR, Trade secrets and confidential information
Doing Business in India:Introduction, Major Issues, Types of Organizations, Legal compliances, Family Business in India, The founder, The next generation, Entry of family managers, Succession, Best Practices
Entrepreneurial Support:Introduction, Politics, Business Incubation, Business clusters
Mobilizing Resources
Buying a Business and Financing: Introduction, Challenges in Buying a Business, The search, The process of buying, Scrutiny, Valuation, Negotiation, Franchising,Debt, Venture Capital
Business Models and Planning for Business: Introduction, Components of a business model, Customer value proposition, Profit formula, Key resources, KeyProcesses, Business model canvas, Types of business models, Business Model Innovation, Uses of a business plan, Writing a business plan, Data collection, Kinds of business plan, Importance of executive summary, Description of the business, The Management Team, Industry and the Market, Marketing plan, Finance, Risk and contingencies
Operations and Management
Managing Operations and Project management: Introduction, Purchasing Process,Inventory, Cash management, Cash manager, Managing during disasters, Seasonal businesses, The project, Project selection, Project planning, Project manager
Human Resource Management: Introduction, Hunting for suitable candidates,Conducting interviews, Induction, Motivating employees, Training, Termination ofEmployment.
Entrepreneurial Marketing: Introduction, Characteristics of entrepreneurial,Features of entrepreneurial marketing, Market research, Segmentation, positioning and targeting, Branding, Pricing, Distribution, Advertising, Promotions
New Product Development: Introduction, Need for an NPD process, Types of new products, NPD process, Adoption process, Best practices, Involving the customer, Barriers to NPD.
E-Business and Networking: Introduction, Domain Name, Website, Social Networks, E-Commerce, Hosting, Building Traffic, Entrepreneurial networks, Starting and managing a network, Infrastructure for networking, Harvesting benefits from networking, Best Practices.
Growth and Social Responsibilities
Growth: Introduction, Stages of growth, Growth Strategies, Global Expansion,Relocation, Financial growth.
Exit Strategies: Introduction, Reasons for exiting, Long term preparation, Short term preparation, Telling your employees, Seller financing, Sale, Initial public offering.
Social Responsibility and The Social Entrepreneur: Introduction, Corporate social responsibility, Dimensions of CSR, Role of governments, Role of markets, Business case of CSR, Criticisms of CSR, Motivations of a social entrepreneur, Characteristics of a social enterprise, Supporting social entrepreneurs, Evaluating social performance.