Automation And Control in Rubber Industries (182604)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Instrumentation & Process Control:
Industrial managements for measurement & Control of process variables such as temp., pressure, gas, Concentration, Sp. gravity, pH, liquid level, liquid flow, humidity etc., Principles of automatic control, Proportional, Integral & derivative modes of control, elements of analogue & digital computer application, microprocessor control.
The writing of specifications, Materials, Subcomponents, Machine settings, Manual Operations, products.
Process-Capability Studies:
Utility & General Considerations, Design of processing trails, Empirical modeling & statistical analysis of process performance, Representation & optimization of process performance, tolerance bands & process precision.
Process Monitoring:
General considerations temp. Measurement pressure measurement, position, Displacement & viscosity measurement, product Dimensions & wt., energy & power measurement, Data acquisition system, Data analysis & presentation.
Process Control:
General consideration, Local automatic & closed-lopp control, adaptive control, sequence control, safety & machine integrity, computer control systems.
Quality Control:
General considerations, sampling inspection, patrol inspection & validation, subjective inspection etc. New methods like Six sigma.
Automation and Control in the Rubber Industry:
Introduction, Background, Reasons to Institute Change, Reasons to Postpone Change, Component Testing, Dimensional and Destructive Testing, Vehicle Testing.
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM):
Introduction, Process, Sensors, Computer, Measurements, Control, Display, CIM.
Improving Rubber Testing with Microcomputers:
Introduction, Microcomputers and Hardware for Data Acquisition, Sensors used in Rubber testing, Signal Conditioning, Analog to digital Conversion, Interfacing to Microcomputers.