Surface Ornamentation And Fashion Art (Dept. Elec. II) (182905)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
1. Introduction and origin of embroidery- general rules for hand and machine embroidery. Introduction to sewing machines used for embroidery.
2. Knowledge, classification & practice of hand embroidery stitches-stitches, designs, colors and material used.
3. Different Forms of Embroidery: eyelet work, cutwork, Richelieu work, lace work, drawn thread and fabric work, patch work, mirror work, appliqué, shaded embroidery, shadow work, badala work, bead and sequins work, bobbin thread embroidery etc.
4. Classification of Embroidery Machines: Types of embroidery machines and their working- vertical embroidery machines, multi-head embroidery machines-Special attachments in Embroidery machines.
5. CAD Softwares used for embroideries- process of designing, types of stitch applications, punching.
6. Frames & backing materials- Types & Purposes. Estimating, costing & marketing of finished embroidery goods.
7. Costumes of India. History of Indian costumes, Traditional costumes of different states, Accessories and Garment used in India, Costumes of Pakistan, Srilanka, Burma, China & Japan.
8. Elements of Fashion art: Sketching and Drawing, Fashion Classification And Types of Fashion, Origin of Fashion language, Philosophy of Design, street Fashion, Study of leading Fashion Designers-French, Italian, American, Indian & English.
9. Concepts of Fashion Design- Definition of Fashion Designing, Initial steps of Fashion Designing, Designing Equipments, Computer Aided Designing, Knowledge of Latest Fashions-Based on Age, Sex, Nationality, Occupation, Socio Economic Status.
10. Study of Dacca Muslin, Jamdhani, Himrus & Amrus, Carpets, Kasmir shawls, Kancheepuram & Baluchari saris, Paithani Saris, Bandhani, Patola, Ikkat, Kalamkari & other styles of printing and dyeing textiles. Factors determining changes in Costumes from period to period.