Analog Electronics (2130902)   Old Code : 130902


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Diode and transistor:

Common Emitter and Emitter follower analysis and comparison using hybrid equivalent circuit - Considerations in cascading transistor amplifiers- Class B and Class AB - Power amplifiers using BJTFET: Biasing a JFET and MOSFET - Small signal model - CS and CD amplifiers. Frequency response of BJT amplifiers. Concepts of negative and positive feedback – loop gain- advantages of negative feedback -Feedback Connection Types - Practical Feedback Circuits

10 %
Op amp basics and linear applications:

Introduction Block diagram representation of a typical op-amp, Analysis op-amp ICC circuits, types, designations, packages, pin configurations and power supplies. Ideal op-amp, equivalent circuit, open loop op amp configurations of differential, inverting and non-inverting amplifiers, op amp feedback amplifier analysis, differential amplifier with one, two and three op amps.Op amp parameters - offset voltages and currents, bias current, drift, PSRR, CMRR, offset nulling methods.

30 %
AC performance of O-amp:

Bandwidth, slew rate and frequency response. Op-amp applications: DC and AC amplifiers, peaking, summing scaling and averaging amplifiers, instrumentation amplifier, differential input and differential, output amplifier, V to I and I to V converters, integrator, differentiator comparator, non-linear amplifier, phase shift oscillator, Wien bridge oscillator, square, triangular and sawtooth wave generator, voltage controlled oscillator, zero crossing detector, window detector, introduction to analog simulation.

30 %
Non linear IC applications using Opamp:

Signal Generators: Square, triangle and ramp generator circuits using opamps - Effect of slew rate on waveform generation- monostable circuits- Principles of VCO circuits. Comparator Circuits: Zero Crossing Detector- Regenerative comparator circuits Active filters –Types- Characteristics- Frequency Response of different types of filters- Order and cut off frequency -Butterworth low pass filter –First order and second order filter design - Sallen and Key second order LP filter - - Butterworth high pass filters - Second order wide band and narrow band filters. Timer IC 555: Functional diagram- astable and monostable modes Phase locked loops: Principles – Building blocks of PLL-Lock and Capture ranges - Capture process - Study of NE565 - Applications of PLL - Frequency multiplication - FSK demodulator - FM demodulation. Three terminal regulator ICs: basic block schematic - 78 x x& 79 x x series - Adjustable output voltage regulator LM 317, LM 340 and LM 337 series power supply ICs. their use and basic design considerations for designing regulated power supplies.

30 %