Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments (2130903)  

Text and Reference Books

A course in Elect. & Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation

Author : A.K.Sawhney

Publisher : Dhapat Rai & Co.

Electrical Measurement and Measurement instrument

Author : Golding & Widis

Publisher : Wheelar Books

Electronic Instruments

Author : H.S. Kalsi

Publisher : Tata Mc-Graw hill.

Elements of Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement

Author : Carr

Publisher : Pearson Education

Sensors & Transducers

Author : D. Patranabis

Publisher : PHI

Digital Instrumentation

Author : A.J. Bouwens

Publisher : Tata Mc-Graw hill

Modern Electronic instrumentation & Measuring instruments

Author : A.D. Heltric & W.C. Copper

Publisher : Wheeler Publication

Instrument transducers

Author : H.K.P. Neubert

Publisher : Oxford University press