Kinematics of Machines (2131906)   Old Code : 141902


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Introduction of Mechanisms and Machines:

Concepts ofKinematics and Dynamics, Mechanisms and Machines, Planar and Spatial Mechanisms, Kinematic Pairs, Kinematic Chains, Kinematic Diagrams, Kinematic Inversion, Four bar chain and Slider Crank Mechanisms and their Inversions, Degrees of Freedom,Mobility and range of movement - Kutzbach and Grubler’s criterion, Number Synthesis, Grashof’s criterion

10 %
Synthesis and Analysis of Mechanisms:

Position analysis (Analytical Techniques): Loop closure (Vector Loop) representation of linkages, Position analysis of Four bar, slider crank and inverted slider crank mechanisms, Coupler curves, Toggle and Limit Position, Transmission angle, Mechanical Advantage.
Dimensional Synthesis: Definitions of Type, Number and Dimensional Synthesis, Definitions ofMotion, Path and Function generation, precision position, Chebychev spacing, structural error, Freudenstein’s equation, two and three position synthesis (function generation only) of four bar and slider crank mechanisms by graphical and analytical methods.
Velocity and Acceleration Analysis: Velocity and Acceleration Diagrams, Instantaneous Centre of Velocity, Rubbing Velocity, Velocity and Acceleration Images, Corioli’s component of acceleration.
Special Mechanisms: Straight line mechanism, Indicator diagrams,Hooke’s Joint, Steering Mechanisms.

40 %
Gears and Gear Trains:

Gears:Terminology, Law of Gearing, Characteristics of involute and cycloidal action, Interference and undercutting, centre distance variation, minimum number of teeth, contact ratio, spur, helical, spiral bevel and worm gears, problems.

Gear Trains: Synthesis of Simple, compound & reverted gear trains, Analysis of epicyclic gear trains.

25 %
Cams and Followers:

Introduction: Classification of cams and followers, nomenclature, displacement diagrams of follower motion, kinematic coefficients of follower motion.
Synthesis and Analysis: Determine of basic dimensions and synthesis of cam profilesusing graphical methods, cams with specified contours.

25 %