Engineering Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer (2132502)  

4 + 2 + 0
Lect + Tuto + Pract
Teaching Scheme
70 + 30 + 0
Theory Marks
20 + 0 + 30
Practical Marks
ESE - End Semester Examination, PA - Progress Assessment, ALA - Active Learning Assignments, OEP -Open Ended Problem




Engineering Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer is the first course on Thermal Science and Engineering. It studies various energy interactions notably heat and work transfer. It is based on certain laws of nature which are never seen to be violated. Heat transfer is involved in production engineering processes be it casting, welding, machining or heat treatment of materials. The heat transfer modes namely conduction, convection and radiation are based on fundamental laws and its knowledge enhances the understanding of energy transfer in manufacturing processes.

Course Outcome

After learning the course the students should be able to

  • Apply the First Law of thermodynamics in various engineering situations.
  • Identify and compute energy exchange in the thermodynamics processes (in terms of various forms of energy, heat and work).
  • Apply the concepts of path dependence/independence and reversibility/irreversibility of various thermodynamic processes and represent these in terms of changes in thermodynamic state.
  • Apply the steady-flow energy equation or the First Law of Thermodynamics to a system of thermodynamic components (heaters, coolers, pumps, turbines, pistons, etc.) To estimate required balances of heat, work and energy flow.
  • Analyse all mode of heat transfer for real time cases (1D, 2D, 3D) in steady and unsteady state.
  • Design simple heat exchanger and predict its performance.

Active Learning

Preparation of power-point slides, which include videos, animations, pictures, graphics for better understanding theory and practical work – The faculty will allocate chapters/ parts of chapters to groups of students so that the entire syllabus to be covered. The power-point slides should be put up on the web-site of the College/ Institute, along with the names of the students of the group, the name of the faculty, Department and College on the first slide. The best three works should submit to GTU.