Basic Engineering in Textile (2132905)   Old Code : 132905

Text and Reference Books

Industrial engineering and Management Science

Author : Banga, Sharma,and Agarwal

Industrial engineering and Management

Author : O.P.Khanna

Industrial engineering and Personnel Management

Author : M.Mahajan

Operation research

Author : S. Kalavathy

Operations Research

Author : KantiSwarup,P.K.Gupta and ManMohan

Operations Research

Author : Premkumar Gupta,D.S.Hira

Elements of Mechanical Engineering

Author : Prof.P.S.Desai,Prof.S.B.Soni

Standard boiler operators

Author : Stephen M. Elonka

Refrigeration and Air-conditioning

Author : Dom Kundwar

Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery

Author : Dr.R.K.Bansal