Cell Biology and Industrial Biotechnology (2140405)   Old Code : 130402


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Introduction to Cells

Introduction to Akaryotic, Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells. Structure of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells. Origin and evolution of cell

10 %
Cell Biology of Prokaryotes

Cellular components of prokaryotic organisms – Cell wall, Cell membrane, Outer Membrane, Cytoplasm, Gas vesicle, Endospore, Plasmid, Nucleoid, Mesosome, Ribosome, Flagella, Slime layer/Capsule - structure, function and integration.

15 %
Cell Biology of Eukaryotes

Cellular components of eukaryotic organisms - Cell Wall, Cell membrane, Cytoplasm, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Ribosome, Lysosome, Golgi Apparatus, Microbodies, Mitochondria, Plastids, Nucleus, Chromosome, Cytoskeleton, Centrioles and Basal bodies , structure, function and integration.

20 %
Cell Processes:

Cell Cycle, Phases of Cell Cycle, Mitosis and Meosis, Functional Importance of each Phase, Molecular Events during Cell Cycle, Check Points, Cyclins and Protein kinases, MPF (Maturation Promoting Factor), Regulation of Cell Cycle.
Signaling Pathways:
Molecular mechanisms of Signal transduction, Gated Ion Channels, G proteins, cyclic nucleotide and kinase signaling, phospholipid and Ca2+ signaling, growth factor and cytokine signaling, MAP kinase cascades, signaling via regulated proteolysis

25 %

Biochemistry of fermentation and energy metabolisms. Basic idea on fermentation process, submerged, stationary, solid and semisolid – with their merits and demerits. Isolation, purification and microbial strain improvement for increased production of the industrial products.
Types of fermentation Media.
Criteria for good medium, medium requirements for fermentation processes, oxygen requirements, medium formulation for optimal growth and product formation, examples of simple and complex media.
Principle types of fermentation processes-
Production of organic acids – citric acid,
Production of amino acid – glutamic acid
Production of Solvent- Ethyl Alcohol
Production of antibiotic – Cephalosporin
Production of industrial enzymes
Importance of Single cell Protein and its Production.

30 %