Analog Circuit Design (2141002)  

List of Practicals

Sr. Practical Title
To build transistor based RC phase shift oscillator circuit, and measure and verify its frequency of operation.
Measurement of input and output offset voltage of 741 ICs.
To configure op-amp in voltage follower mode and to measure its slew rate.
To configure op-amp in inverting and non-inverting amplifier mode and measure their gain and bandwidth.
To prepare precision rectifier using op-amp and verify its operation using measurements.
To prepare full-wave rectifier using op-amp and verify its operation using measurements.
To measure PSRR and CMRR of given op-amp.
To design Schmitt trigger circuit using op-amp and take measurements.
To design, build astable and monostable multivibrators using 741 IC and verify their operation using measurements by observing waveforms.
To design, build and obtain the frequency responses of first order low pass and band pass active filters.
To build op-amp based Weign bridge oscillator circuit, and measure and verify its frequency of operation.
Design the following amplifiers:
a. A unity gain amplifier
b. A non-inverting amplifier with a gain of ’A’
c. An inverting amplifier with a gain of ‘A’
Apply a square wave of fixed amplitude and study the effect of slew rate on the three type of amplifiers
Design and test the integrator for a given time constant.
Design a second order butter-worth band-pass filter for the given higher and lower cut-off frequencies
Design and test a notch filter to eliminate the 50Hz power line frequency.
Design and test a function generator that can generate square wave and triangular wave output for a given frequency.
Design and test voltage controlled oscillator for a given specification (voltage range and frequency range).
Design and test a Low Dropout regulator using op-amps for a given voltage regulation characteristic and compare the characteristics with standard IC available in market.
Design and test an AGC system for a given peak amplitude of sine-wave output.
Design and test a PLL to get locked to a given frequency ‘f’. Measure the locking range of the system and also measure the change in phase of the output signal as input frequency is varied within the lock range.

Open Ended Problem
  1. Design single stage CE amplifier for high frequency.
  2. Design Wien bridge oscillator for a particular frequency.
  3. Design voltage series feedback amplifier with op-amp.
  4. Design averaging amplifier with op-amp.
  5. Design an instrumentation amplifier for particular application.
  6. Design zener diode tester with op-amp.
  7. Design zero crossing detector circuit using op-amp.
  8. Design antilog amplifier.
  9. Design touch switch using 555 IC.
  10. Design two different color driver using 555 IC.
  11. Design a buzzer to indicate end of the class using 555 IC.
  12. Design adjustable voltage regulator using LM317 IC.
  13. Design 2nd order High Pass Butterworth filter using op-amp.
Major Equipment

C.R.O., Function Generator, Power Supply, Multi-meter, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Experimental Trainer Kits, Bread Board, General Purpose PCB.


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