Mechanical Measurement and Metrology (2141901)   Old Code : 141901

Text and Reference Books

Engineering Metrology and Measurement

Author : N V Raghavendra and Krishnamurthy

Publisher : Oxford University Press

Engineering Metrology and Measurements

Author : Bentley

Publisher : Pearson Education

Theory and Design for Mechanical Measurements

Author : Richard S Figliola, Donald E Beasley

Publisher : Wiley India

Metrology and Measurement

Author : Anand Bewoor & Vinay Kulkarni

Publisher : McGraw-Hill

Doebelin's Measurement Systems

Author : Ernest Doebelin, Dhanesh Manik

Publisher : McGraw-Hill

Instrumentation, Measurement and Analysis

Author : B.C. Nakra, K.K. Chaudhry

Publisher : McGraw-Hill

A Text book of Engineering Metrology

Author : I C Gupta

Publisher : Dhanpat Rai Publications

A course in Mechanical Measurements and Instrumentation

Author : A K Sawhney

Publisher : Dhanpat Rai Publications

Mechanical Measurements and Instrumentations

Author : Er. R K Rajput

Publisher : Kataria Publication

Mechanical Measurement and Metrology

Author : R K Jain

Publisher : Khanna Publisher

Industrial Instrumentation & Control

Author : S K Singh

Publisher : McGrawHill

Mechanical Measurements

Author : Beckwith & Buck

Publisher : Narosa publishing House