Fluid Mechanics (2141906)   Old Code : 130101

List of Practicals

Sr. Practical Title
To understand pressure measurement procedure and related instruments/devices.
To determine metacentric height of floating body.
Verification of Bernoulli’s theorem.
To measure the velocity of flow using Pitot tube.
To determine the Coefficient of discharge through different flow meters. (Any two out of Orifice meter, Venturi meter and Nozzle meter.)
To determine the Coefficient of discharge through open channel flow over a Notch. (Rectangular or V notch)
To determine the different types of flow Patterns by Reynolds’s experiment.
To determine the Friction factor for the different pipes.
To determine the loss coefficients for different pipe fittings.
To determine the viscosity of fluid by viscometer (Redwood or Saybolt).

Open Ended Problem
  1. Develop a model to measure viscosity of the fluid.
  2. Study the behavior of fluid under various conditions using software.
  3. Study continuum problems with reference to fluid mechanics.
Major Equipment
  1. Pitot Tube
  2. Venturimeter apparatus
  3. Reynold’s apparatus
  4. Pressure Measurement apparatus
  5. Orifice meter apparatus
  6. Pipe fitting apparatus
  7. Metacentric height apparatus
  8. Open Channel apparatus (Notches)
  9. Nozzle Meter
  10. Manometer
  11. Viscometer
  12. Elastic Pressure Transducers, Force Balance Pressure gauge, Electrical Pressure Transducers

List of Open Source Software/learning website:

  1. http://nptel.ac.in/
  2. www.learnerstv.com
  3. http://www.mne.psu.edu/cimbala/Learning/Fluid/fluid.htm
  4. http://www.efluids.com/efluids/pages/edu_tools.htm