Manufacturing Processes - II (2141908)   Old Code : 151901

Text and Reference Books

Manufacturing Engineering And Technology

Author : S. Kalpakjian

Publisher : Pearson

Manufacturing Processes

Author : Kalpakjian

Publisher : Pearson

Degarmon’s Materials and Processes in Manufacturing

Author : Black, Ronald A Kohser

Publisher : Wiley India

Manufacturing Processes and Systems

Author : Phillip F., Ostwald, Jairo Munoz

Publisher : Wiley India

Production technology

Author : R.K. Jain

Publisher : Khanna publishers

Production Technology

Author : P.C. Sharma

Publisher : S Chand & Co Ltd.

Manufacturing Technology

Author : P.N. Rao

Publisher : Tata McGraw Hill

Welding Technology

Author : O. P. Khanna

Publisher : Dhanpat Rai publishers