Yarn Manufacturing - II (2142901)   Old Code : 142901

Text and Reference Books

Handbook of Yarn Production, Technology, Science and Economics

Author : Peter R. Lord

Publisher : CRC Press publication

Fundamentals of Spun Yarn Technology

Author : Carl A. Lawrence

Publisher : CRC Press publication

Spinning, Drawing, Combing & Roving, NCUTE Pilot, Programme

Author : R. Chattopadhyay and R. S. Rengasamy

Publisher : Indian Institute of Technology

Advances in Technology of Yarn Production

Author : R. Chattopadhyay

Publisher : NCUTE

The Technology of Short Staple Spinning, A Practical Guide to Combing, Drawing and Roving frame

Author : W. Klein

Publisher : The Textile Institute Manchester

Essential calculations of practical cotton spinning

Author : T. K. Pattabhiraman

Drawing, Combing and roving and speed frame

Author : Zoltan, S.Szaloky

Publisher : The Institute of Textile Technology

Cotton Drawing and Roving

Author : G.R.Merril

Spinning of Man Mades and Blends on Cotton System

Author : Salhotra K R

Publisher : The Textile Association of India