Yarn Manufacturing - II (2142901)   Old Code : 142901


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Draw Frame

Objectives; Design - Constructional features and working principles of drawframe; Top roller characteristics and maintenance – Processing of cotton, manmade fibres and blends; Principles of roller drafting and doubling; drafting waves and control of fibres; roller slip and roller eccentricity; Evolution of drafting systems at drawframe; Developments in drawframe drafting; Auto-leveller in drawframe; On-line quality monitoring and control; Causes and remedies; Latest developments.

31 %

Requirements of the Card, Draw frame etc. with respect to combing; Preparation for combing/Comber lap preparation; Introduction and objects of combing process; History of comber development; Types of Application; Types of Comber; Passage of Material through Combing machine; Sequence of operations in a Comber; Important elements of Combing – Feed Roller, Nipper Assembly, Combing cylinder, Top Comb etc.; Piecing, Take up of Web, Coiling the sliver, Waste Removal etc.; Parameters influencing the combing operation; Temperature and Humidity in Combing; The influence of machine components and settings on combing; Influence of the feed stock on combing; The noil theory of Gegauff; Common defects and their causes during the Combing process; control of Comber waste; Modern Developments; Calculations - % of comber noil, comber production etc.

38 %
Speed Frame

Objectives; Concept of drafting, twisting and winding process; working principles of speed frame: Creel – drafting system – top and bottom rollers – top arm drafting system – roller settings – roller weighting systems; types of flyers and spindles; bobbin rail and spindle rail; drive to different parts of machine; spindle lead and bobbin lead; Study of mechanisms like – differential motion, swing motion, building mechanism, semi-automatic and automatic doffing, etc; Latest developments.

31 %