Weaving Technology-I (2142902)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage

(i) Warp Winders: Central idea of development of Winding Machines; Fundamentals of Conventional Winders; Precision Winding; Tension Control; Traversing Techniques; Slub Catchers and Tensioners; Study of Automatic Winders like Auto-coner and other recently developed machines; Auto-Doffing; Winding faults & remedies; Package characteristics. Calculations related to production, efficiency etc.
(ii) Pirn Winders: Need for Pirn Winding; Brief outline of non-automatic pirn winders; Study of automatic pirn winders; Modern developments in Pirn winding; yarn traversing system; standard winding parameters; Calculations related to production, efficiency etc.

33 %

Beam and Sectional Warping Process & Mechanisms, Different types of Creels, Reeds, Leasing Systems; High Speed Warping; Planning for Colored Warp; Adjustment of Machine parameters and machine conditions/maintenance for minimizing end breaks for various materials and counts; Management Information System; Production assessment to improve the Productivity; Calculations related to production, efficiency etc. Latest developments in Warping Machines.

25 %

Objectives; Features of Two cylinders sizing; Multi cylinder sizing; Hot air Sizing Machine and Single end sizing Machine; Types of Creels; Systems in Sizing Machines: Temperature Control – Size Level Control – Moisture Control – Stretch Control; Method to increase Weavability; Preparation of size Mixtures for various Yarn & Cloth requirements, Modern controls. Beam pressing devices: mechanical – pneumatic – hydraulic. Management Information System; Calculations related to production, efficiency etc.; Latest developments in Sizing Machines.

25 %
Methods of Drawing – in

Through Healds & Reeds, Working principles of Knotting Machines for Warp; Latest developments

17 %