Cyber Security (Inst. Elec.) (2150002)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Systems Vulnerability Scanning

Overview of vulnerability scanning, Open Port / Service Identification, Banner / Version Check, Traffic Probe, Vulnerability Probe, Vulnerability Examples, OpenVAS, Metasploit. Networks Vulnerability Scanning - Netcat, Socat, understanding Port and Services tools - Datapipe, Fpipe, WinRelay, Network Reconnaissance – Nmap, THC-Amap and System tools. Network Sniffers and Injection tools – Tcpdump and Windump, Wireshark, Ettercap, Hping Kismet

25 %
Network Defense tools

Firewalls and Packet Filters: Firewall Basics, Packet Filter Vs Firewall, How a Firewall Protects a Network, Packet Characteristic to Filter, Stateless Vs Stateful Firewalls, Network Address Translation (NAT) and Port Forwarding, the basic of Virtual Private Networks, Linux Firewall, Windows Firewall, Snort: Introduction Detection System

25 %
Web Application Tools

Scanning for web vulnerabilities tools: Nikto, W3af, HTTP utilities - Curl, OpenSSL and Stunnel, Application Inspection tools – Zed Attack Proxy, Sqlmap. DVWA, Webgoat, Password Cracking and Brute-Force Tools – John the Ripper, L0htcrack, Pwdump, HTC-Hydra

25 %
Introduction to Cyber Crime and law

Cyber Crimes, Types of Cybercrime, Hacking, Attack vectors, Cyberspace and Criminal Behavior, Clarification of Terms, Traditional Problems Associated with Computer Crime, Introduction to Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Computer Language, Network Language, Realms of the Cyber world, A Brief History of the Internet, Recognizing and Defining Computer Crime, Contemporary Crimes, Computers as Targets, Contaminants and Destruction of Data, Indian IT ACT 2000.

10 %
Introduction to Cyber Crime Investigation

Firewalls and Packet Filters, password Cracking, Keyloggers and Spyware, Virus and Warms, Trojan and backdoors, Steganography, DOS and DDOS attack, SQL injection, Buffer Overflow, Attack on wireless Networks

15 %