Design of Machine Elements (2152508)   Old Code : 152503


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Variable Stresses in Machine Parts

Introduction, Completely reversed or cyclic stresses, Fatigue and endurance limit, Effect of loading on endurance limit- load factor, Effect of surface finish on endurance limit – surface finish factor, Effect of size on endurance limit-size factor, Effect of miscellaneous factors on endurance limit, Relation between endurance limit and ultimate tensile strength, Factors to be considered while designing machine parts to avoid fatigue failure, Stress concentration factor for various machine members, Fatigue stress concentration factor, Notch sensitivity, Combine steady and variable stresses

Failure theories:

a) Gerber method of combination of stresses

b) Goodman method of combination of stresses

c) Soderberg method of combination of stresses 

10 %
Design of Clutches and Brakes

A. Clutches:

Introduction, Types of clutches, Material, Design of a disc or plate clutch, Multiple disc clutch, Cone clutch, Centrifugal clutch. 

B. Brakes:

Introduction, Design of Single blocks or shoe brake. , Pivoted block or shoe brake. , Double blocks or shoe brake. , Simple band brake, Differential band brake, Band and block brake &, Internal expanding brake.

15 %
Design of Belts & Pulleys, Flywheel

A. Belt & Pulley design: Introduction, Design of flat belt & pulley. Design of V-belt and its Pulley.

B. Design of Flywheel: Design of Flywheel Arms, Design of Shaft,Hub, and Key, Construction of Flywheel

15 %
Design of Gears:

A. Spur Gears:  Forms of teeth, Cycloid teeth, Involutes teeth, Systems of gear teeth, Standard proportions of gear system, Gear materials, Design consideration for gear drive, Causes of gear tooth failure, Design procedure for spur gears.

B. Helical Gears: Introduction, Terms used in helical gear, Design procedure for helical gears.

C. Bevel Gears: Introduction, Terms used in bevel gears. , Proportions for bevel gears, Design of bevel gear.

D. Worm Gears: Introduction, Types of worms, Types of worm gears. , Terms used in worm gearing, Proportions for worms, Proportions for worm gears, Design of worm & worm gearing. 

25 %

Introduction, Types of Springs, Material for Helical springs, Terms used in Compression Springs, End Connections for helical spring, Stresses in helical spring of circular wire, deflection of helical spring of circular wire, Energy stored in helical spring of circular wire, stress and deflection in helical spring of non-circular wire, helical spring subjected to fatigue loading, spring, leaf spring , construction of leaf spring, equalized stresses in spring leaves, length of leaf spring leaves, standard sizes of automobile suspension spring, 

15 %
Thin and Thick Cylinders:

Design of thick & thin cylinders, pipes, tubes, cylinder covers, covers bolts, Initial tightening of bolts, and design of pressure vessels according to different standard of design, design considerations in pressure vessels, design of pipes, hydraulic press, and hydraulic intensifier.

10 %
Power Screws

Types of threads, design of screw with different types of threads used in practices. Design of nuts, Design of C clamp, Screw jack, design of toggle jack, design of coupler.

10 %