Process Equipment Design -I (2160503)  

List of Practicals

Sr. Practical Title
Prediction of Physical properties
Estimation of various design parameters for various equipments
Solution of various problem used in the designing of equipments

Open Ended Problem
Students are free to select any area for designing of equipment based on Chemical engineering applications to define Projects. Some suggested projects are listed below:

1. Carry out design of plate / packed type absorber.
2. Calculation related to the designing of distillation & extraction column.
3. Design of fluid moving machinery (viz. centrifugal pump).
4. Project on piping design.
5. Design Calculation related to heat exchange equipment and their performance criteria.
Students can refer to video lectures available on the websites including NPTEL lecture series.
Students can refer to the CDs available with some reference books for the solution of problems using software/spreadsheets. Students can develop their own programs/spreadsheets for the solution of problems.
MIT Open course lecture on Equipment design.
Literature available for Process design of equipment in plant / industry