Process Equipment Design -I (2160503)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Process design of piping, Fluid moving devices and Flow meters:
Introduction, Process design of piping, NPSHA &NPSHR, Power required by pump, evaluation of Centrifugal pump performance when handling viscous liquids, Power required in Fan, Blower and adiabatic compressor, flow meters, Process design of Orifice meter, Rotameter etc
14 %
Process design of Heat exchangers:
Shell & Tube heat exchangers, Functions of various parts of shell & Tube Heat exchanger, General design method of shell & tube heat exchanger, Criteria of selection among Fixed Tube sheet, U Tube & Floating Head heat exchanger, Process design of without phase change heat exchanger, Process design of condenser, Criteria of selection for Horizontal and vertical condenser, Process design of Kettle type &Thermosyphon Reboilers and vaporizes, Tinker’s flow model, Air cooled heat exchangers and air heaters, plate heat exchangers, etc.
27 %
Process design of Distillation Column:
Introduction, Criteria of selection, Selection of equipment for distillation, Distillation column design, Selection of key components for multicomponent distillation, Determination of operating pressure for distillation column, Advantages & disadvantages of vacuum distillation, Determination of nos. of theoretical stages for binary distillation by McCabe Thiele method Determination of nos. of theoretical stages for multi-component distillation by Fenskey- Underwood-Gilliland’s method, Selection of trays, Calculations for tower diameter & pressure drop of sieve tray tower, Checking of conditions for weeping, down comer flooding, liquid entrainment, etc, tray efficiency, Jet Flooding & down comer Flooding, Different types of weirs & down comers of tray tower, their selection criteria,
25 %
Process design of Absorbers:
Introduction, Criteria for selection among different types of absorption equipment, Process Design of packed tower type absorber: Determination of actual amount of solvent, Selection of packing, Determination of tower diameter & pressure drop, Determination of NtoG, HtoG & height of packing, Process design & selection criteria of liquid distributors, redistributors & packing support, Process design of Spray chamber or spray tower type absorber, Venturi Scrubber.
17 %
Process design of Extractor:
Industrial applications of liquid-liquid extraction, choice of solvent, Process design of counter current multistage extractor, Selection criteria among different types of extractor, Process design of mixer-settler type extractor & packed tower type extractor, Guidelines for the design of other types of extractors
17 %