Modern Yarn Production Technologies (2162908)  

Text and Reference Books

Spinning in ‘70s

Author : P. Lord.

Rotor Spinning

Author : Dyson.

Open-end spinning

Author : R. Nield

Rotor Spinning

Author : Lawrence.

Textile Yarns

Author : Goswami & Martindale

Manmade Fibre Production

Author : G. R. Wray

Modern Spinning Systems

Author : W. Klein

Rotor Spinning : Its advantages, limitations and prospects in India

Author : Salhotra K R and Ishtiaque S M

Publisher : National Information Centre for Textile and Allied Subjects

Manual of Textile Technology: New Spinning Systems

Author : Klein W

Publisher : The Textile Institute,Manchester

Fundamentals of Spun Yarn Technology

Author : Lawrence C A

Publisher : CRC Press LLC, Florida

Advances in Yarn Manufacturing Process

Author : Chattopadhyay R and Ishtiaque S M

Publisher : Department of Textile Technology, IIT Delhi

Trade Literature of Trutzschler

Author : Rieter, Marzoli, cheery Hara, Toyoda, Holligsworth

Textile Progress Vol.3, No.2 – A Critical Appreciation of Recent Developments – Yarn Production and Properties

Author : W. Nuttler

The Economics of Science and Technology of yarn production

Textile progress vol. 10 No.2 – The Production and properties of staple fibre, Yarns made by Recently developed Techniques

Author : L. Hunter

Air jet spinning – Textile Progress, Textile Institute Publication

Hand Book of Yarn Production

Author : P. R. Lord

Spun Yarn Technology

Author : Carl A. Lawrence

New Spinning Systems

Author : H. Staldar

Textile Progress on open end spinning

Author : C. A. Lawarance

Spun Yarn Technology

Author : Eric Oxtoby