Automobile Component Design (2170202)   Old Code : 160201

Text and Reference Books

Elements of Motor Vehicles Design

Author : D T Bdonkins

Publisher : TMH

Automobile Chassis Design and calculations

Author : P. Lukin

Publisher : Mir Publishers

Auto design Problems

Author : K. M. Agrawa

Publisher : , Satya prakashan.

Automotive Mechanics

Author : N. K. Giri

Publisher : Khanna Publishers

Machine Design

Author : Sadhu singh

Publisher : Khanna Publishers

Automobile Chassis Design

Author : Dean Averns

Publisher : Lllife Books Ltd

Automobile Engg. Vol-I & II

Author : Kirpal Singh

Publisher : Standard Pub

Automobile Engg. Vol-I & II

Author : K.M.Gupta

Publisher : Umesh Pub

Auto Design

Author : R. B. Gupta

Publisher : Satya Prakashan

Mechanical Engineering Design

Author : Joseph E. Shigley & Larry D.Mitchell

Publisher : McGraw-HillInternationalBookCompany

Design of Machine Elements

Author : Bhandari

Publisher : Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd

Machine Design

Author : Sharma and Agrawal

Publisher : S. K. Kataria & Sons

Transmission System Design

Author : R. B. Patil

Publisher : Tech Max Pub

Machine Design Vol-II & III

Author : y F.Haideri

Publisher : Nirali Prakashan

PSG Design Data Book

Automotive Chassis

Author : P. M. Heldt

Publisher : Chilton Co

Machine Design

Author : Pandya and Shah

Publisher : Charotar Publishing House

Machine Design

Author : R. S. Khurmi, J. K. Gupta

Publisher : Schand & Co

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