Automobile Component Design (2170202)   Old Code : 160201


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
standardization in automobile system design
standardization in automobile system design
7 %
Design Considerations :
Manufacturing and assembly considerations, Design of components for casting, welding, forging, hot and cold working, machining etc. assembly considerations in design. Design for Fatigue and Creep – thermal considerations – wear considerations in design – Human considerations in design
15 %
Design of Bearings:
Bearing Identification/Designations.
Rolling Contact Bearing:
Types of rolling contact bearings, static and dynamic load capacities, Stribeck’s Equation, Equivalent bearing load, load life relationship, Bearing life, Load factor, Selection of bearings from manufacturers catalogue. Lubrication and mountings, dismounting and preloading of bearings, Oil seals and packing.
Sliding Contact Bearings:
Bearing material and their properties, Bearing types and their constructional details, Hydrodynamic Lubrication- Basic theory, Design consideration in hydrodynamic bearings, Raimondi and Boyd method relating bearing variables.
12 %
Design of Gears:
Types of gears, Design consideration of gears, material selection, Types of gear failures, Gear lubrication.
Spur Gears:
Force analysis, Number of teeth, Face width & Beam strength of gear tooth. Dynamic tooth load. Effective load on gear tooth. Estimation of module based on beam strength. Wear strength of gear tooth. Estimation of module based on wears strength. Spur gear design for maximum power transmission.
Helical Gears:
Virtual number of teeth, Tooth proportions, Force analysis, Beam strength of helical gears, Effective load on gear tooth, Wear strength of helical gears, Design of helical gears
Bevel Gears:
Terminology of bevel gears, Force analysis, Beam strength of bevel gears, Wear strength of bevel gear, Effective load on gear tooth, Design of bevel gear.
Worm Gears:
Force analysis, Friction in worm gear, Vector method, Strength rating of worm gears, Wear rating of worm gear.
23 %
Design of Gearbox
Design considerations of gearbox, selection of proper gear ratios for an automobile gearbox, design of shafts, splines, and gears for gear box used in automobiles.
13 %
Design of I.C. Engine Components:
- Engine power requirements, Selection of engine type, Stroke & Bore, compression ratio, clearance volume and swept volume, mean piston speeds.
- Design of Piston & Piston pin: Materials used, design of piston crown, pin dimensions.
- Design of Crank shaft & Connecting Rod -Forces, material, types, design criteria, dimensions etc.
- Design of main journal bearing pin and connecting rod bearing pin of Crank shaft.
- Main journal bearing and connecting rod bearing (small end & big end), Cam shaft bearings: Bearing materials, design criteria, types and dimensions.
- Cylinder block dimensions, Types of liner– Dry & Wet type.
- Valve mechanism Design: Valve, rocker arm, Valve spring design, Push rod, cam shaft and cam follower etc.
- Design of cylinder head: Stresses, materials, Combustion chamber design.
- Flywheel types & construction, criteria of design for solid and rim type.
- Selection of Engine layouts.
- Design Criteria of intake manifold and exhaust manifold. Introduction to CFD analysis (flow & thermal impact related inputs and outcome).
- Engine lubrication system and pumps.
30 %