Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures (2170607)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Building Layout and Design
Loads as per I.S., distribution & flow of loads, lateral load due to wind and seismic as per latest IS standards, load combinations, guide lines for preparation of structural layout for building. Analysis, design & detailing of G + 3 RC framed building for residential /commercial purpose including ductile detailing.
30 %
Design of Retaining wall
Types, behavior and application of retaining wall, stability criteria, design & detailing of cantilever & counterfort type retaining wall for various ground conditions
20 %
Design of Water Tank
Classification of water tank and method of analysis, permissible stresses, codal provisions, Design of circular and rectangular under-ground water tanks using IS code method, Design of elevated water tank with Intze type of container, frame and shaft type of staging and foundation considering effect of earthquake and wind forces.
25 %
Design of Flat Slab
Direct design method – Distribution of moments in column strips and middle strip-moment and shear transfer from slabs to columns – Shear in Flat slabsCheck for one way and two way shears, Limitations of Direct design method, Introduction to Equivalent frame method.
10 %
Earthquake Resistant Design of building
Earthquake resistant design philosophy, capacity design concept, four virtues of Earthquake Resistant design: strength, stiffness, ductility and configuration, Irregularities in structures, Lateral load distribution – Torsionally coupled & uncoupled system, Seismic coefficient Method, Ductile detailing as per IS:13920
15 %