Traffic Engineering (Dept Elec-II) (2170613)  


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Traffic Characteristics
Traffic Characteristics: (i) Road user’s characteristics - general human characteristics, physical, mental and emotional factors, factors affecting reaction time, PIEV theory. (ii) Vehicular characteristics :( static and dynamic), Characteristics affecting road design-width, height, length and other dimensions. Weight, power, speed and braking capacity of a vehicle.
20 %
Traffic Studies
Traffic Studies: - Traffic volume count, methods of traffic volume count, Manual, mechanical, videography, passenger car unit. Presentation of traffic volume count. Speed studies, spot speed studies speed and delay studies and its presentation .Origin and destination studies. Necessity of parking studies types of parking off street parking, on street parking, Accident studies, causes of accidents, accident records condition and collision diagram, preventive measures.
30 %
Traffic regulation
Traffic regulation: - traffic signs types of traffic signs ,regulatory , mandatory, warning signs route marker, lane marking, lane widthstandards as IRC . Necessity of traffic signals criteria for providing traffic signals types of traffic signals. Methods of designing traffic signals.
20 %
Street Lighting:
Street Lighting: (i) Methods of light distribution. (ii) Design of street lighting system. (iii)Definitions- Luminaire, foot candle, Lumen, utilization and maintenance factors. (iv) Different types of light sources used for street lighting. (v) Fundamental factors of night vision
15 %
Traffic geometrics
Traffic geometrics:- basic geometric elements, cross roads, rotary intersections grade separated intersection, clover leaf, fully and partial, terminal facilities
15 %