Space Dynamics (2180103)   Old Code : 180103

3 + 0 + 0
Lect + Tuto + Pract
Teaching Scheme
70 + 20 + 10
Theory Marks
0 + 0 + 0
Practical Marks
ESE - End Semester Examination, PA - Progress Assessment, ALA - Active Learning Assignments, OEP -Open Ended Problem

Exposure to basic aspects of Space Flight would be an advantage to the students of aeronautical engineering who want to pursue their further studies or career in the field of aerospace.
Course Outcome
After learning the course the students should be able to:
1. Understand the basics of Orbital Mechanics
2. Full understanding of conic sections and fundamental orbit equations of motion
3. Understanding of the fundamentals of spacecraft attitude dynamics

Active Learning
Preparation of power-point slides, which include videos, animations, pictures, graphics for better understanding theory and practical work – The faculty will allocate chapters/ parts of chapters to groups of students so that the entire syllabus to be covered. The power-point slides should be put up on the web-site of the College/ Institute, along with the names of the students of the group, the name of the faculty, Department and College on the first slide. The best three works should be submitted to GTU.
1. Public/Cargo Transport jet plane ( Medium range or Long Range Jet Airliner)
2. Single engine – Home built. (Metal/Wood/Composite)
3. Twin engine – Home built.
4. Single engine piston prop-personal utility aircraft
5. Twin engine piston prop-personal utility aircraft
6. Twin engine turbo prop-personal utility/ Public/Cargo Transport aircraft
7. Powered Sailplane
8. Unpowered Sailplane (Glider)
9. Jet trainer
10. Jet fighter ( Multirole, Interceptor, Dog fighter, Patrolling, Ground attack, Deep Penetration Strike etc)
11. Unmanned Ariel Vehicle
12. Aerobatic Sports Plane ( Single Engine Piston Prop)
13. Aerobatic Utility/Aerobatic Biplane ( Single Engine Piston Prop)
14. Ultralight / Microlight Aircraft
15. Radio Control (RC) Plane. ( Single Engine, Piston Prop)
16. Radio Control (RC) Plane. ( Single Engine, Jet)
17. Radio Control (RC) Sail Plane ( Powered and Unpowered)
18. Or any other type of fix or variable sweep wing aircraf